Measurement Instructions

With the following step-by-step plan you can check whether the Rib-O-Lator fits on your BBQ:

  • Place the spit and motor on your BBQ
  • Remove all grill grates (cooking surface)
  • Measure the depth (bottom and top) from the center of the spit to the heat plates covering your burners.
  • You need 6 inches (= 15.24 cm) of space, if you do not have enough space, remove the heat plates covering the burners and measure whether you have enough space.
  • Measure the length (end to end) of the spit, you need 20 “(= 50.8 cm) in length
  • Measure the width (front to back). You will need 6.5 “(16.51 cm) on either side of the spit, so a total of 13” (32.9cm)
  • The Rib-O-Lator fits 99% of the barbecues on the market.