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You have a gas barbecue, but you miss that tasty, smoky barbecue taste?
The FlavorDome offers a solution! Some advantages of the FlavorDome smoker box:

  • The secret of the FlavorDome smoker is the patented design that reduces the bitter tar taste, leaving you with a clean clear smoky flavor
  • The dome design limits oxygen in the chip chamber, reducing flare-ups and increasing smoke density and smoking time.
  • The bottom of the smoker has an inverted deep “V” channel, making it easy to fit on your burners.
  • The FlavorDome is made of stainless steel.
  • You can use wood chips, grains, liquids, herbs and spice mixes
  • The smoker uses less wood or chips, due to reduced flare-ups, giving you up to an hour of smoking time.